"Quick iOS Developers Aiming for Some Verizon Cash"

EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Member Posts: 1,246
Are you waiting for V Day with your approved apps? Better to submit ahead or wait for a few weeks?


For me this is kind of a bummer... I am working on a Valentine's themed game and now with all the rush it will get lost in the crowd.


  • crazyfishdevcrazyfishdev Member Posts: 283
    thats a shame... maybe post a few days early and get it out there before the mad dash.
  • EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Member Posts: 1,246
    Actually, it seems that the Verizon iPhone pre-order will be on Feb 3rd. If that is true, I think that a large percentage of the Verizon users will have the device for the entire week.

    Something to consider if you are aiming for that group.
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