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Where & how are GS projects saved?

stannenstannen Posts: 16Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
Hi, new user here so please excuse the simple question. I'm trying to find where my first GS project is saved on my Mac by default so I can make a backup copy of it for Dropbox. I just can't seem to find it, especially since I have no idea what I'm looking for!

Also, along the same line of questioning, I've downloaded a demo/example ".game" file but I'm not sure how to get it to open in GS. Where do I put these files?


  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Posts: 6,256Member
    well it will be wherever you saved it. If default is in documetns it will be in there. I always select desktop so i can seee. And for the .game file. Rename it and change the .game to a .zip, when it asks you if you want to switch to zip say yes, then double clikc the zip it makes to unzip and the game project pops out
  • stannenstannen Posts: 16Member
    Aha! Thanks!
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