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quick question about itunes connect....

azavegaazavega Posts: 362Member
Hi... I got a quick question... I send an app for revision to itunes and still waiting for review, my question is am I on time to send it again before gets in review to correct one thing I found or I have to wait till they review it and then send an update?
thanks in advance


  • ericdg123ericdg123 Posts: 156Member, PRO
    You have two options. You can wait if its not a big deal, or reject the binary if it is something serious. After you reject you will have to resubmit and will go back to the beginning of the waiting list. If you recently submitted your app then I would reject the binary.
  • AsymptoteellAsymptoteell Posts: 1,362Member
    That was a quick question.
  • azavegaazavega Posts: 362Member
    ok dont even know if its a big problem... just find out that on the main screen on the app I didnt put Lite after the name of the game... i have it on the icon thought... can they reject the app for that?
  • ericdg123ericdg123 Posts: 156Member, PRO
    They can. I've heard they want the title page to match the name of the game or they will reject it but I've never ran into this personally. How long has it been since you submitted it?
  • azavegaazavega Posts: 362Member
    like two days ago
  • ericdg123ericdg123 Posts: 156Member, PRO
    I would just reject it. Better to be safe than sorry. If they don't reject it then you've saved 2 days, if they do reject it then you've wasted 2 weeks, or however long it takes them to approve it. I think my last app took 10 days to get approved.
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