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Hello again :)

StanStan Posts: 138Member
edited 4:45PM in Introductions
Hello everyone!

My name is Stan, and i just wanted to reintroduce my self, since i haven't been using GS in a really long time due to my job. I've been reading forums when I had time, so many new people since the last time i was using the GS.

Little bit about me :)
I'm from Los Angeles CA, I am former Art Institute student here in LA. majoring in Game Art and Design. Fell in lvoe with GS like the rest of you :) because of its ease of use, although its not so easy for me lol.
I'm gonna upload my portfolio for you guys maybe this weekends to check out my work.

With that said I'll be on forums much more often now, i'll try to help everyone, I can specially if it has to do with art. I've been working with Photoshop,Flash, UDK and 3ds max for a long time. Now I just want to concentrate or fully 2D Game.

Thanks everyone, i hope to be helpful as everyone else in this forums.



  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member
    Welcome back, Stan! :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

  • joshcaljoshcal Posts: 100Member
    welcome back :) looking forward to seeing your portfolio :)
    - josh :)
  • StanStan Posts: 138Member
    Thank you :)
  • stanimationstanimation Posts: 406Member
    Hey Stan, Stanimation here! I work in LA too! I have not been using GS in a long while myself. Way to busy with work. But I love it for sure. What part of LA?
  • StanStan Posts: 138Member

    Hi stanimation, I work in Culver City, and i live in Woodland Hills, how about your self?
  • stanimationstanimation Posts: 406Member
    Yep work in Culver City too. Freak'n weird. Live in Lake Arrowhead. I stay in LA during the week. Where are you working?
  • SparkyidrSparkyidr Posts: 2,033Member
    Hey Stan. Always liked your art style in the past. Good to see you back here.
  • StanStan Posts: 138Member
    @Sparkyidr Thanks :)

    @stanimation - I work in AV Company on Hayden place..that's near Jefferson and Rodeo Rd.

    What about you? lol don't tell me you work for av company too
  • stanimationstanimation Posts: 406Member
    Work around the corner on Washington at NFL Network. That's funny.
  • StanStan Posts: 138Member
    @stanimation That's awesome, never though that there will be someone else so close by from GS Community.
  • StanStan Posts: 138Member
    Wow I just found youtube video of one of the first game i worked on for Blackberry storm back in 08! It was never finished due to programming complication that the person i worked with had. I did all the graphics this is very early beta stages of the game it evolved much more but i dont have any video or blackberry any more.

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