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Deleting an Attribute which has same name in another actor

TreeTreeTreeTree Posts: 11Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
Not sure if it has been posted before, but this is my situation.
I have 2 different actors A and B, which have coincidently have the same attribute name.
e.g "RandomNum" - int
if i delete "RandomNum" from actor A, then for actor B, any reference to it will get changed. In my case, the attribute "RandomNum" in actor B was changed to "0" without me touching anything in that actor.
It must be the way how the XML is referenced in the code... but not too sure..
This can probably be easily solved if the Attribute names were unique for each actor.. but just heads up to anyone who was thinking "what happened? my game just broke for no reason!" :P


  • TreeTreeTreeTree Posts: 11Member
    umm.. that's strange..
    *thinking thinking

    oh.. maybe I did the good old "copy paste" for the actor..
    will that have copied the identical attribute references as well?
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