Stormystudios - 'Quake Builder and the Asteroids' update has been approved.

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Quick run down:
I made the game last April...
Over the year sales quickly dropped from 60 a day to averaging 5 a day at 59p/99c

I made it free last week (last Thursday), it rocketed into the charts, becoming no.1 action game in 13 countries and getting into the U.S. top 100 free games/apps/puzzles/actions charts...

Got around 75,000 downloads on Monday... which is very silly.

Sales have been dropping tens of thousands a day since...(its now Wednesday night)

I worked on an update to fix bugs, attempt to ad iads, and change some images. Took 3 days to do and submit.

That update has gone live just now, fingers crossed it will stop the game plummeting out of the charts as quickly as it went in...

Here's a link:


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