Rate of Fire?

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Hey guys, how do i make it so that my character has a certain Rate of fire?and also, how would i make it so that if you buy something at a "store" then the image, rate of fire, health, or damage changes? and how do i make it so that if my variable "enemies left" goes to zero, that it goes to another scene? thank you for all help.


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    1. use a timer: every .5 seconds spawn bullet

    2. to adjust the rate of fire, just use a variable instead of a fixed time. then in the store when they buy an item, update that variable. as far as a store goes, you'll need to have a bunch of actors with attributes on what they cost. then when a user clicks on them, check to see if they have enough points or money or whatever, and if they do, subtrack that number from their points and give the user the item.

    basically you need to track a bunch of attributes, and then change what is displayed on screen depending on them.

    3. you'll need an actor that monitor's the enemies left, and when that hits zero, change scene. you could also just put this rule on your main character.
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    thank you so much for your help, this is my first game (if you cant tell allready haha) i have one more question, whenever i go to make graphics/images, and when i bring them into gamesalad, they are ALLWAYS a square, i can never get it so that only the image is there and the "corners" arent there. and i cant make images transparent... is there a certain program that people use? because that will be really helpful
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    sorry to bother you again, but i have been playing around with it, and i selected a section, but how do i insert it into gamesalad?
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