Technical help wanted

TheoBlonkTheoBlonk Member Posts: 25
So. After two months producing almost a 1000 Myst-like images of 960 x 640 pix, I ask for help.
I don't feel like learning the technical stuff.
Let's make a kind of GrizlyManor game together.
Please report to me...


  • prowlandprowland Member Posts: 24
    I would quickly prototype this up in Gamesalad to get an idea of performance before hand.

    Just create a new scene per image, say 10 of them, and a touch event to move to next screen.

    This will give you an idea of the overall memory footprint and performance moving from screen to screen. (Just to make sure you're comfortable with the load times you get with GS)

    I know you could use layers and have a whole bunch of screens in one scene, but would imagine this to be difficult to manage. (not playing to it's strenghs so to speak)
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