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Hey I'm new!

micahmicah Posts: 85Member
edited November -1 in Introductions
Hi everyone, I'm just starting to take a look at GameSalad. So far I'm very impressed! I have a couple games in the App Store already (see and I'm a programmer, but this might really save me tons of time. So hello!

My only question so far about the "In-Game URL Forwarding" thing. If I do the $99 express iPhone publishing option, that means I'm not allowed to cross-promote my other games directly? As it is now in Skeleton Key and teh internets I link to from the main menu of those games. I can't do that with GameSalad without going for the $1999 option?


  • micahmicah Posts: 85Member
    That makes sense, thanks. And another quick question. I read that GameSalad is hoping to support more platforms too besides web and iPhone in the future. Are there any plans for Android? :)

    I have a Droid phone and I've been looking into Android development, and there's pretty much nothing out there that makes making games easy. GameSalad would be amazing for it.
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