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I've already stated (in other post) that I make apps for both iPhone and Android phones. I just wanted to say that making apps for the Android phone has made me three times the money than the iPhone.

I have nine game on the Android platform and six on the iPhone. I'm averaging 12 sales a day on the Android and three on the iPhone. I sale my apps for 1.99 on the Android and .99 on the iPhone. I making about $100 week on the Android and $25 on the iPhone. I did make some good money on the iPhone when my apps was on the "New and Noteworthy".

I also get paid every three days for my apps on the Android, and only once a month on iPhone if you make over $150 that month per currency. Apple currently has over $400 of my money that I will not see until I make over $150 in each of those currencies. I believe there are seven different currencies.

I think the reason my apps do better on the Android platform is because it's not swamp with apps like the iPhone. The Android Market (that's the Androids app store) has only one tenth the apps. One last compare, Android annual developer fee is $25, and the iPhone is $100.

The Android phones are getting more and more popular. There are 13 Android phones on the market as of today. T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon all have Android phones. Most people don't know that T-Mobile is the third largest mobile phone company in the world.

One thing I forgot was that you do not have to wait when you publish your app because it goes live as soon as you publish it.

If you would like to see some of the apps that I sale (both iPhone and Android) you can go to my website at If you have any question just ask, or email me.

Just a FYI.


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