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Wanting to partner up with another GameSalader to make app

bgappsbgapps Posts: 183Member
My name is Brian, and I am looking to partner up with another individual or team to create an app. I have been using gamesalad day and night for a couple of months, to getting familiar with the interface. I have already made many "mini games", templates and also did work for some fellow GameSaladers. I do all the art for my games too. If you are interested in viewing some of my "mini projects" I put a video at the bottom of the post. As far as games on the app store... I have none out. I am putting the final touches on my first app which will be out soon. If you are interested in talking, please free to email me at bgapps(at)


  • bgappsbgapps Posts: 183Member
    also my skype username is briang_15
  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Posts: 1,593Member
    Judging by your video, you are doing pretty good there on your own!

    But, you are right. The days of single developers chucking away for months on end are gone and it's the teams who crank out massive huge games for 99 cents.

    I hope you find the right person who does not slow you down :)
  • bgappsbgapps Posts: 183Member
  • bgappsbgapps Posts: 183Member
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