iLectronz RELEASED!!

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I've just released my first proper high-quality polished game made in XCode and it's already doing great on the AppStore.
Hope you guys like it.


“So electric you might just blow a fuse!”

iLectronz is a highly addictive retro style arcade action game that requires precise hand-eye coordination and super fast reflexes. It’s easy to pick up and play but difficult to truly master.

Blast your electron through the circuit board and see how much energy you can generate, but don’t blow a fuse or crash and explode along the way.

Features 9 increasingly difficult levels that will test any true gamer’s skills to their limits. There’s also an infinite mode for extra replay value, which gets up to some blistering speeds, where the challenge is to survive as long as possible to compete for the highest scores. Includes Game Center integration, Local and Global Leaderboards and Achievements.

This hot new game brings classic old school gameplay and great fun. There’s no doubt it will become a favourite pastime but the real question is how long you can stay in the zone...the iLectronZone!

Note: Optimized for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G

Try it out and review:




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    Bump With Some Promo Codes
    Please rate and review


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    I grabbed YHX39P37M3FE, will leave a review.

    Look interesting. So have you left GS completely?
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    I suppose you could say that yes, I might go back for a few projects if it's convenient or if GameSalad have some new features but I find programming great fun

    Although I recommended GameSalad at our school for media classes, we're going to use GameSalad for the game design and creation course. I said I'd published any games that are good enough to be on the AppStore.
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    V1.0.1 has just been released which fixes some issues
    Some new features are on their way and level packs are a little further down the line
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    Hey. This looks great! If you don't mind, how are the sales going?
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    The sales are going good but not great, we're teetering on the edge of the top 100 but we just need a little boost to get into the top 100, we've created a video to get us up that little bit more

    You can view it here

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    I have NEVER well maybe once, seen you here. haha. I have only been here since december but it feels like forever. nice game.
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    Here's some more codes


    If you take one PLEASE rate and review
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    GameStyle have just done a review for iLectronz, check it out if your thinking about getting it
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    Polished is definitely right although it does start off slow it gets quite fun as things start to speed up! Love the quotes when you lose great game!
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    iLectronz has just been updated to V1.0.11 with some improvements and some cool new voice effects
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