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UI, mobile, web, logo designer Posts: 2Member
Hey all I am new to gamesalad, but not to mobile and web design. I've built user interfaces for many companies including AOL (mapquest mobile, AIM, Moviefone), Verizon, and Continental to name a few. I'm always looking for new challenges but want to refocus more on mobile design. If interested take a look at my work


  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Posts: 1,593Member
    good work there Sir!

    If I wasn't so picky, I would hire you for a logo! I've made dozens for other people but I can not make my own :(

    Do you sell temples too?

    My page is very crowded and i just took down a wordpress one because it because bloated as well.

    I like those pages that have very little info on them ... just a few pictures and minimal text but once i start writing, i can't stop :(

    How much would you charge to fix this mess?
  • Posts: 2Member
    Hey xyloFun, your page needs a clear call to action to drive people to buy your app. Check out this before and after with a client that had similar issues.

    old -->
    new -->

    Let me know what type of budget you have and I can let you know where to start. info at
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