Looking for someone to help

ThaniThani Member Posts: 128
I'm looking for some who knows alot about GS to help me with something .



  • ChaserChaser Member Posts: 1,453
    Any specifics?
  • AsymptoteellAsymptoteell Member Posts: 1,362
    I'll help. But I don't know what with.
  • DrGlickertDrGlickert Member Posts: 1,135
    Thani - it helps if you're a tad more specific about what you're looking for. Such as; publishing, artwork, music, sounds, behaviors, collision problems, etc...

    We all do our best to help each other here on the forums. We all learn if we help each other out. :-)
  • ThaniThani Member Posts: 128
    Its basically about some coding in Gs , with attributes etc .
  • AsymptoteellAsymptoteell Member Posts: 1,362
    For a game? I can help. Email me at asymptoteell@aim.com with details.

  • bgappsbgapps Member Posts: 183
  • DreamLabDreamLab Member Posts: 2,127
    From what I hear, you don't pay up when a template is made for you.
  • AsymptoteellAsymptoteell Member Posts: 1,362
    Pay carter for the template, Thani. I wish I hadn't helped you now that I heard about that.

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