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Letter from "marketing" company

jamesmunro2jamesmunro2 Posts: 130Member
I am sure everyone gets these, but it made me laugh. I'm not sure I want to sign up with a marketing company that says an app "continues to do well" with 1 sale in 6 months. (It was a practice app I wrote years go... never took it off sale just because it seemed like more work than it was worth.) Anyway ... here's the letter.

Greetings from ComboApp,

We’ve noticed that XXXXXXXXXX continues to do well at the App Store. Given the nature of your product though, we believe that it has the potential to reach even greater sales and download numbers.

We at ComboApp Marketing & PR Agency want to help make that become a reality for you. To help jumpstart your successful growth in 2011 we want to offer you a 10% discount on any one of our marketing services ( to help promote XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

To claim your discount, simply reply to this email with your name, interest, and a link to the best app from your product line in order to receive your 10% discount promo code – hurry though -- this code will be valid throughout the next 2 weeks only.

Stay tuned for more info!
Your ComboApp Team


  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Posts: 1,593Member
    No better way to start the day than with a good laugh!

    What I especially love is the stupidity of offering a 10% coupon. How attractive is that? It costs them nothing to make it 50% or more because they have not mentioned the total cost at this point.

    IF! I ever let someone else market my apps, they have to do it on a percentage. We all know that no one crazy enough to offer that so why should we trust them?
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