Adventure Game Template

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Hi guys :)
I'm a new developer to GS and have done coding in the past with c++ but I wanted to have multiple things happening at once which means I need someone that will create the template while I design the game.
I am willing to pay for it :)

I want an adventure game template in the same vain as Monkey Island or Runaway.

Also if all goes well I would like the template to be further developed.
That being said the template should have:

1) 1st and 3rd person control support (games such as Monkey Island or 1112)
2) Inventory System
3) Dialogue System
4) Verb System
5) Waypoint System that uses A*
5) Save / Load System

That's it initially. If I want more stuff after that I will of course pay more.

All who is interested then please email me at: mylesblasonato988 *AT*

Myles Blasonato.
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