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Getting "lucky"

alexander144alexander144 Posts: 93Member
I have heard both skill and luck are involved in getting your games popular. Overall I am sure skill is more importanant then luck as not to many people will buy a crap game. I just have been wondering how much luck has to do with getting your game popular. Thoughts?


  • simo103simo103 Posts: 1,331Member, PRO
    Luck seems pretty important .. after all 'pet rocks' and 'fart apps' pretty much prove it.

    I believe you need to control what you can control and since luck isn't one of them, then best create a quality game. I've seen it posted that a catchy app icon and good scene shots are very important.
  • QbAnYtOQbAnYtO Posts: 523Member
    Positive thinking for sure :)

    "wether you think you're right or wrong, either way you're right"
  • DizkoDizko Posts: 498Member
    I don't believe in luck, you make your own luck. Luck is a restriction of a superstitions mind, don't fall into that trap!
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