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Has anyone every tried to get "sponsors" or advertising revenue for an app?

xyloFUNxyloFUN Posts: 1,593Member
I am releasing something new today or tomorrow which is a little different from an mobile app and therefore I would appreciate your suggestions! :)

The concept is quite simple:

1) Visitors to my web sites can download a demo software which runs for x minutes before displaying a web link to buy (cheap).
2) Bottom half of the screen let's the child select various instruments
3) Top half of the screen connects to a web site where they log in to get lessons, songs, ear training, etc ...

I know that quite a few people here have extensive marketing experience and in case I'm missing something, I'd rather tweak the concept before I release it to avoid disappointing early adopters.

What is reasonable to charge?
Should I go free until the summer?
Are sponsors the way to go?
How would you do it?


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