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Check if it is Odd, Even, Rational, Irrational, whole, etc...

cwbh10cwbh10 Posts: 52Member
edited 11:45AM in Tech Support
I wanted to have a simple rule to check when the time passed when divided by a number say... 9 will be even/whole. So that everytime it reports even it changes a setting. I guess i could keep it whole by using integers? Help would be nice :)


  • xarmianxarmian Posts: 124Member
    Use modulous.. if (time % 9) = 0 then { do something }, mod is the remainder after dividing by the modulo number, so 10%9 = 1, 20%9 = 2, 9%9 = 0, 18%9 = 0, etc, so if you're doing seconds, then every 9th second time%9 = 0.
  • cwbh10cwbh10 Posts: 52Member
    Oh! Thanks! I can't believe didn't think of that... :p

    Have a good one! :)
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