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Which category for the app store? Feedback from experienced developers please!

HoneyTribeStudiosHoneyTribeStudios Posts: 1,792Member
So am I right in thinking you can be in two categories?

Just thinking about where to place our first game. Have a read of my reasoning and see what you think. My reference is the Uk chart and I'm making the assumption that some people buy their apps based on the top 25 of a categories they like.

So climbing the individual category chart is like like climbing a small ladder in order to get on to the big ladder of the overall top 200

Much like with seo you want to get the optimal balance of a search term (or in this case - category search) being popular but not too competitive.

So I've been looking through the different category top 25s, and seeing where they end up on the overall top 200.

I reckon it would be better to be in a category where it is easier to get to the higher places. So that means the categories which are not as popular.

Looking at Education, the number 1,2 and 3 apps are only at number 38, 154 and 189 respectively in the overall top 200.

But the number 1,2 and 3 apps in Games>Action are at 2,5 and 6 in the overall top 200.

So Games>Action is clearly a more competitive search category.

So it would require fewer sales to get you in the top 25 of Education. Once in there you could climb higher because of your increased visibility. And if you could climb to a top spot you would then be somewhere in the top 200. And once there, again, because of the increased visibility you could climb higher.

All of the above assumes you've made a great app and have a good co-ordinated marketing push so that your day 1 sales can push you in to your chosen category chart. And an apple feature would help of course!

Any thoughts?

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