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Can you change the Blend Mode Attribute in-game?

heathccheathcc Posts: 113Member
I've just about wrapped up a game and I have one thing I'm trying to accomplish.

I am swapping in a graphic based on a condition and the alternate graphic needs to have a different blend model.

I'm trying to set the Self.Graphics.Blend Mode Attribute which is an enumeration to "Normal", Normal, "0", 0, ect and I can't seem to get it to change.

Anyone have a tip? I've searched pretty well and can't seem to find a similar use of an enumeration type being set.



  • Rob2Rob2 Posts: 2,402Member
    Unfortunately this is one of the many actor attributes you can read and write to (0 to 4 in this case) that will have no effect. They are locked at design time and at the moment that is it :(
  • heathccheathcc Posts: 113Member
    Thanks for letting me know! Now that I know I can work around it, I was hoping to avoid the hassle of a duplicate actor with only a blend mode difference.

    I think many of the limitations and issues can be worked around, I wish there was a more consistent place to see what is problematic so that they can be worked around early.

    Thanks again.
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