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Take random number away from score

Billyd1Billyd1 Posts: 133Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Hi, I want to be able to take a random number away from my score. But I want the number to be within my score.

So for example if my score is 200 I want it to randomly take a figure away from 200 but not go past 0.

So if my score is 200 I dont want the random number to take away 300 becasue that would put my score into -

So I done this, but it didnt work

I created two attributes called 'Create random number' and 'Score'. In the 'Create random number' actor I did.

Change Attribute > 'game.CreateRandomNumber' to random(game.Score,game.Score)


Change Attribute > 'game.Score' to 'game.Score'-'game.CreateRandomNumber'

But this didnt work.
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