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Music For Your Games



  • JackYdJackYd Posts: 93Member
    Do we have to send you a final project before you make any music? What do you need in order to start making the music/sounds? How long does it normally take for 25 levels worth of music to be completed...I actually have 30 levels in my game as it is now but each level can be won in a matter of seconds so would you suggest 1 cohesive piece to play through the entirety of all levels?
  • DZTECHDZTECH Posts: 216Member, PRO
    We could do one piece of music throughout or we can do separate. It is up to you. In order to make it the genre and a screenshot. I never need the game file. Maybe a week or two.
  • DreamStudiosDreamStudios Posts: 148Removed
  • DZTECHDZTECH Posts: 216Member, PRO
    Dream studios please don't bump my threads for me. Thanks
  • DreamStudiosDreamStudios Posts: 148Removed
    That's fine, I simply want to recommend great services.

  • DZTECHDZTECH Posts: 216Member, PRO
    New Samples of my newest creations. Email me at [email protected] if you would like me to compose the background music for your apps or other projects. I work with all budgets.

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