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Best way to Convert Iphone binary to Iphone + Ipad

lagunacomputerlagunacomputer Posts: 37Member
If i already have a live iphone sized binary live in the app store, what is the best way to add ipad support?

If I resize the iphone app and make it bigger, how do I upload this to apple, as a new version? Would i then 'lose' the iphone version if its updated or does apple figure out that i have two different device family binary's?



  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Posts: 5,390Member
    Hi. Yes you take your current GameSalad project and change the settings on the home menu to iPad. You then need to make sure all your art is in the iPad resolution or you'll just stretch your iPhone images which will look blurred and horrible. Once you change the version in GameSalad to iPad, you then need to go through all your attributes and resize and reposition all your actors. Then adjust speeds etc to the same ratio or it'll appear as if everything is slow. Depending on the complexity of your app, this could frankly be like doing a whole project again. Fortunately, the great folks over at Deep Blue Ideas have developed a tool which resizes to any resolution you like. It works amazing and takes out around 90+% of the manual work you have to do. I have just used it on a version of my latest game i am porting, it would of took me months to do it and to be honest, probably wouldnt have bothered, this tool changed over 6000 values in a matter of minutes. I have then spent the best part of a day tweaking things that wasnt quite right, 1 day compared to months ... no brainer :)

    You can see the tool and watch the demo video on how it works here;

    You should check out their other tools as well as they're all super useful :)
  • lagunacomputerlagunacomputer Posts: 37Member
    thank you very much for the info! i will certainly check out the tool!
  • lagunacomputerlagunacomputer Posts: 37Member
    what about uploading the ipad only version to apple?
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