NEED a Programmer-iPhone SDK

4DFrog4DFrog Member Posts: 23
I LOVE GAME SALAD, and I prototyped my game in GAME SALAD, but since I want in-App Purchase and Game Center, I would like to hire a Programmer who can program my app in iPhone SDK,

All the graphics are ready, and for each section, working prototype is available as well.
My game is a very simple casual game.
Also please send me some link to your portfolio and your hourly rate.
I want to start this project in about 10 days from now.

Thank you


  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Member Posts: 1,593
    hi 4DFroggy,
    that is a clever way to get the features you need!

    How ever, I don't think there are many programmers here compared to what you can find on craigslist (if you happen to live in a fair sized city) or, better yet, go to ask in the Corona forum ( if someone is interested in that gig.

    A word of warning. Hiring someone to program is not cheap AND, worst of all, when you need an update (and you will need an update sooner or later) then you pay more plus, you will no longer get that "right away" service once you are locked in with a programmer.

    If you have the time, maybe learning to program it yourself would be the greatest reward you will get. That's what I'm doing and wish I had picked up much sooner!

    Food for Frog ;)
  • 4DFrog4DFrog Member Posts: 23
    Thanks for your reply, I've already have a post on Criagslist too, but since people in Gamesalad forum are more into games, I thought it's not bad to try my chance here as well.

    Thanks for the link.

    I would love to learn programming and you are right about it, but since I'm much stronger in doing artwork and idea creation, I love to have a programmer next to me, so I can make more professional games in shorter amount of time.

    Thanks again,
  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Member Posts: 1,593
    One additional tip for your consideration.
    Please take into account that your sales could be as low as $50 ....there are NO guarranties. Unfortunately, that makes hiring a programer very risky.
    Then again, there is a programer here and if he has time, he can help you out. I'm sure he will see your post sometime tonight.

    Good luck :-)
  • 4DFrog4DFrog Member Posts: 23
    Thanks again, I've already have some apps in the app store, and you are right, it's hard to predict the sales, however for this new game, I have a good feel about sales, since I spent lots of time just analyzing the market and successful games, but again, it might not work! But I want to take the risk, and hire a professional programmer.
  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 10,403
    Try Most people here are using gamesalad because they don't use the sdk
  • 4DFrog4DFrog Member Posts: 23
    Thanks, It's funny, I was just browsing elance! Have you ever hire anybody from it?
  • 4DFrog4DFrog Member Posts: 23
    No Luck Yet! I've posted in Craigslist, Unity Forum and Elance. Also some local schools job board!
  • expired_012expired_012 Member Posts: 1,802
    Try posting in the cocos-2d forum. I posted on there once about hiring a coder and I got about 10 private messages that same day.
  • bgappsbgapps Member Posts: 183
    check out this website,
  • arbtarbt Member Posts: 13
    I might be able to help you out.

    Here's a link to my profile:

    If you are interested, we can arrange a contract through Odesk.
  • 4DFrog4DFrog Member Posts: 23
    @ artonskyblue
    Thanks, I have to try that as well! My Elance proposals are bout $6000 which is way too much for me.
  • xyloFUNxyloFUN Member Posts: 1,593
    4DFrog said:
    @ artonskyblue
    Thanks, I have to try that as well! My Elance proposals are bout $6000 which is way too much for me.

    shiver ... that brings back memories!
    I almost contracted someone to make an app and if i had done so, that would have been the end of everything!
    Assuming that you have the logic worked out and the artwork ready, the biggest cost is the coding part.
    It will make or brake you so be careful :-)
  • 4DFrog4DFrog Member Posts: 23
    Thanks everybody, I found a programmer in Cocos2D forum who can work within my budget. (Which is not $6000!!)

    Thanks again for your tips. I have logics and graphics ready, and the programmer will make it in cocos2D. So, I'll cross my fingers! and I'll share it with everybody as soon as it's done.
  • expired_012expired_012 Member Posts: 1,802

    I'm experimenting with cocos2d and you won't be disappointed in the results, it's such a powerful tool
  • 4DFrog4DFrog Member Posts: 23
    Gel Mania!

    New and Noteworthy!
    Ok, my game got maid with Cocos 2D finally and I got to the News and Noteworthy in the US app store in Kids and Family! Thank you all and Thank you Game Salad, there were no other way for me to try my own ideas before I finalize my design.
  • digletodigleto Member Posts: 76
    Thats great! You think you can recoup what you spent?
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