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Bee Makes Flower - super 8bit botanical action!!

foldifoldi Posts: 21Member
edited 4:57AM in Non-GS Game News

While working for months on a GameSalad game (Fists of Doom), I had to take a break and finish a game I created with my own framework. Bee Makes Flower is an 8bit style game that challenges players to create a pixel flower garden. Tag bees with pollen to create flowers. Tag thieving ladybugs to keep them from raiding your garden. A full garden wins!

The game was built for mac/pc and as an iPhone web app using JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. The frame rate is ok on 3GS and iPhone4. After I finish Fists of Doom, I may revisit this project and redo it all in GameSalad.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share now that it's finally done... and I look forward to announcing Fists of Doom!



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