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how do i make enemy chase my actor?

ofer293ofer293 Posts: 14Member
hi, i am trying to make the enemy chase my actor witout stopping
actually i did it fine but not great as i want
the enemy is chasing after my actor and when he gets to the "position x" that my actor have been there when the enemy started to chase, the enemy stop and doesnt continue to chase the actor
i think that the problem is that the enemy "move to" action is not getting updated with the poistion of the actor.
so i did a timer of "every 0.1 second" (for the enemy player) and i put the "move to" inside it but its look like there are lags because of the refreshing rate of that counter
so how do i make the "move to" action beeing refreshing with the players x attribute(and playersY also)
hope u got the point


  • EmrysEmrys Posts: 38Member
    I am not real familiar with the move to rules. And am rather a newbie at this GS stuff with long interruptions between getting to work with it. Sorry. But ...

    By "actor" I'm assuming you mean the player character, and you want your enemy actor to "chase" the player actor.

    You can create a position tracking attribute and then update the enemy's position with that - but there I don't think moves the actor to that position but just makes it the position.

    If the move to rule has a feature for move to a position, you can make that position the track-able position.
  • ofer293ofer293 Posts: 14Member
    yeah i did it but: the enemy gets the actor position for a period of time and then get to this position while my actor is in another side of the screen so it doesnt work good
    i want to know how to make the enemy know that the player has change position and keep updated!
    please help guys if someone know that
  • ofer293ofer293 Posts: 14Member
    never mind
    after i make the collide action its never gets to the actor position
    so this is the solution
    make the collide action between the enemy and the actor
  • jadjad Posts: 135Member
    collide action?
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