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Level Design

GingerBGamesGingerBGames Posts: 390Member
Hello GS'ers,

Just wondering what the going rate for still image backgrounds are these days? I would want one picture for each level, and maybe a total of 12 levels? Just looking for a general guide to price, need to know what to save for is why i'm asking?


  • DreamLabDreamLab Posts: 2,127Member
    PM'd you. Hope we can work something out. They are usually not that expensive at all(well for me) unless they are VERY detailed. just depends
  • EatingMyHatEatingMyHat Posts: 1,246Member
    Tried stock sites?
  • DreamLabDreamLab Posts: 2,127Member
    Yah try Istock. they have BUTTLOADS of good art. may be expensive though.
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