Wazup GS Dudes.

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I apologize for my rudeness. I've been actively posting here in the forums and yet I haven't introduce myself. I'm Richard and im an architect/frustrated programmer/game designer. My friends called me drahc since school days up until now so im more comfortable using that name. I've been a member here in GS for more than a year but just recently started to make a game with GS. I've made one app last year using xcode but started to loose my interest coz coding sucks out most of my time and imagination. But Thanks to Tshirtbooths youtube channel and GS for making the engine free for fueling the game making engine in my brain again. It's really hard to make a game and have a daytime job but I'll try my best to produce not probably the top grosser game but more of good quality game. Like some people say "Slowly but Surely".



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    Tshirt is the man.

    Where I work I can spend many hours working on my game, but my resources are limited, but i'm getting there slowly.

    nice to meet you!
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    welcome and good luck!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome :)
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