A Swift and Boring Introduction

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Hey Guys,

Long time reader, first time poster. Nice to make your e-cquaintance.

I'm a musician by day (though more commonly by night), currently suffering from a tedious case of tendinitis and as such stumbled upon GS as a way of relieving the boredom of not being able to play, whilst simultaneously fulfilling a childhood ambition; I make a game and somebody pays ME!? Sign me up!

All the support videos from the Cookbook, etc. are great, and what holes there are seem to be filled by the sage advice of this awesome community very nicely indeed, so thought I'd get involved.

I seem to be getting to the stage in my first trial game where I will be asking questions irritatingly frequently, so just thought I'd say hello by way of etiquette first:

Hello (World?).


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    Welcome to the forum! :D

    QS :D

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    Welcome, what's your first game about?
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    I'm not sure there's a specific story or anything in there at the minute. I'm really just trying to get my head around working with the program, figuring out what's achievable. I have a crash test bear in an empty project that has suffered a lot of abuse at the hands of my ill conceived programming!

    How do you tend to start? Idea for story/characters first, tailor the gameplay to it? Or have you found a cool gaming concept, and worked an idea around it? It's the old music/lyrics conundrum....
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