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cnmeyer1980cnmeyer1980 Member, PRO Posts: 211
Hi all,

Just wondering if someone can upload a app to the app store for me?

I unfortunately need the latest Mac Operating System, and until I get it, my App's going knowehere fast.

I've created the App in GameSalad and basically need it to be published and then uploaded to the App Store.

I've an Apple Development account that I can send you and can also send you all the files for the app.

If anyone could help me with this I would be so greatful as I really would love to get this moving, but unfortunaterly cant afford to upgrade my MAC this month.

I know the process and how you upload the app, but unfortunately cant move forward for a couple of weeks.

Even though I dont have much money to pay you, I will of course be willing to pay you something for your time doing this for me.

Many thanks to you all for reading, and I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Cheers all,



  • RedlerTechRedlerTech Member Posts: 1,583
    I am willing to. I don't ask for money. But I ask for an Icon in return. Must be 512x512. I will give details if you are interested at

    Matthew Redler
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