RTT - Reviews Trade Thread

MysteriousDeveloperMysteriousDeveloper Member Posts: 2
We all know that AppStore reviews are important for our sales. There are many great games, but with poor graphics/description/title/icon/screenshots and without any reviews. In this situation, this game (no matter what cool or outstanding), probably won't be popular.
Graphics/description/title/icon/screenshots are all up to the developer/publisher, and the reviews are all up to the players, and you don't have a direct impact on them.
It is possible that someone reviewed your game unfairly or stupid, for example: "omg! this game is crashing all the time!!!!!!". Is this review useful to anyone? No! Why? Because this reviewer should ask you for help about this crashing, so maybe you would help him, or at least he should write in his review, what device and what iOS version he owns. For example: "omg! I have iPhone 4 with the newest iOS and this game is crashing!!!".
Let's go back to the first review ("omg! this game is crashing all the time!!!!!!"). This reviewer can own any iDevice, he could try to run this game even on iPhone 2G, and be highly surprised (!) that your game is not working. But until he writes in his review, what iDevice he owns, your potential customers may be deterred by this review, because they may think that your game is crashing on every device.

If there is only one such stupid and pointless review, and many useful, and nice reviews (not necessarily 5 stars), you are safe. Your game is safe, and your sales are safe.

But what is you have many stupid and pointless reviews (not necessarily about crashing, it was just an example), and your game is really nice? (I noticed many great games with stupid and pointless reviews on AppStore).
Yes, you can make a promo code giveaway on TouchArcade or anywhere. But you still can't be sure if your next reviews will be useful, and nice (even if they are two or three stars - good review is not necessarily 5 stars, it could be a one star review if it is constructive, honest and helpful for you as a developer and for players).

That's way I have an idea - RTT - Reviews Trade Thread.
So, if you need some reviews, you could write info here, and wait if any other developer is interested in trade. If he is, you send him a promo code for your game, and he send you a promo code for his game. Both of you will write eachother a full-lenght (not just one sentence), constructive, helpful and HONEST! review on AppStore.
After 5 or more trades you will have a nice amount of reviews which will be constructive, and helpful, and what is the most important - not as stupid as the example review.

Please tell me, what do you think about this idea.


  • DreamLabDreamLab Member Posts: 2,127
    Why do you have 2 threads on this?
  • AddictiveGamesAddictiveGames Member Posts: 105
    I think its a good idea.

    Makes the promo share code thing a bit more formal on here?
  • StusAppsStusApps Member, PRO Posts: 1,352
    While your idea sounds reasonable people do seem to expect 5 star reviews from other gamesalad members, I could see this turning into a 5 star exchange system. Also be aware that trying to manipulate the reviews on iTunes is against TOS and can result in you having your dev account deleted.

    I know that's not the intention from what you said above but I could see that apple might see it that way.
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