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ATTN: iPad App Venture Capital - Interested in Partners

itwebsolutionitwebsolution Posts: 40Member
Hello All,

I am looking to share the risk of developing iPad games with others who want to get into the business of creating profitable games. I am an IT Program Manager who works on large enterprise IT projects during the day, but on the side, I would like to bring my expertise in project management, business and marketing skill (MBA), and cash to work with a team or individuals who are serious about creating a sustainable portfolio of games and apps.

If you have a project underway and are thinking about how to bring it to market, let's talk about the project and how we might work together to make it a commercial success. No need to take on all of the burden and expense yourself.

I look forward to hearing ideas from the community!


  • RiffelRiffel Posts: 1,272Member
    Hello Ian!
    It is nice, can you contact me? marcosriffel at hotmail dot com
  • ginattaginatta Posts: 9Member
    Hi Ian,
    I am interested too on sharing the weight. I am a designer, email me at carlosginatta [at] gmail [dot] com
  • heathdaviesheathdavies Posts: 1Member
    Hi Ian, I too am interested in being involved. Would it be possible to email me at heathdavies[at] hotmail [dot] com?
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