Hi Everybody! I am NEW!

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Hi all. My name is Evan Campbell. My sn is Greater Campbell because it is a reminder to constantly try and better myself....but also people mostly just call me by my last name.

I was at GDC and saw Ian Schiber's panel about all the game projects he's seen come out of his students at CM. Among them he spoke about Game Salad. I was waiting to finish my Midterms before I downloaded GS and got cracking...

I finally slipped up and I now I know I should have really waited. I didn't sleep last night because I was reading all the forums and looking for tutorials to help with "coding." Mannn I still have one more midterm paper to write but I am so excited about GS.

Anyways after all that time I finally found what I was looking for in the cook book:

Constrain Actor to Mouse Press


Hope it can help some other beginners as well!


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