Opinion on selective reviewers reviewing your app

DreamLabDreamLab Member Posts: 2,127
So I am asking fellow youtubers to review my upcoming apps. I am asking what their price is, what they do and all that good stuff. And one of the people I asked was crazymikesapps. I know he is a good guy to get too. but EVERY app he reviews I see the next day on the top charts when I look through apps. Do you think that the app got popular on its own or do you think the reviewers have a BIG part in it? I was just curious what you guys think. I see all of the apps he reviews at the top is why. thanks


  • itwebsolutionitwebsolution Member Posts: 40
    Does he have a large following?

    I read in a Wall Street Journal article today that companies like GTekna are offering top 25 placement in the App Store listings:

    There seems to be a big opportunity in the business of App Store placement similar to the SEO business for website placement... Maybe a business opportunity. Forget books and guides to publish an Apple App, publish a book to get a top listing!

    If you would like a comment, I will help - just let me know the details, and I will look you up.
  • iMuseiMuse Member Posts: 80
    That's all interesting... but what do reviewers like crazymike and companies like GTekna ask for their services?
  • DreamLabDreamLab Member Posts: 2,127
    Money haha. And a decent app. Haha
  • firemaplegamesfiremaplegames Member Posts: 3,206
    @DreamLab: I haven't spent any money at all on marketing.

    Personally I would exhaust every possible free avenue first, before spending any money on advertising.

    If you have extra money lying around, I would put it back into your game. Buy better music, artwork, programming, whatever. Make your game as polished as it can be.

    I think that is a better investment.

    Just my .02$
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