Can a game became a sucess after downloads stopped?

scrapee_netscrapee_net Member Posts: 424
Hello. My Game Save Cubes, for the ipad failed.

I got just a few sales on its first days. And than it dropped! And now I get no more than 2 downloads a day. Almost all days, there is no downloads anymore.

I don't think the game is a crap.

What dfo you think I can do to get more sales?


  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 10,386
    I would say

    Better icon, the current one is kinda plain, and that's the first thing people see when browsing in the app store.
    Market market market. Visiting game websites, send out review requests, post videos on YouTube on how it works.
  • wsdomainwsdomain Member Posts: 35
    Yeah better icon and good updates. goodluck
  • jb15jb15 Member Posts: 602
    The game looks really fun to play--the icon doesn't really do it justice.
  • SkyMapleSkyMaple Member Posts: 817
    I can help you put an icon togeather if you want.

    Game making service-
  • SteverdSteverd Member Posts: 194
    Yes, different Icon, videos on Youtube.
    New screenshots. I really do NOT like the four in one images.
    It's REALLY hard to tell what they are on a small iPhone screen.
    Facebook, more reviews, keep the post on TouchArcade active.

    A FREE day maybe to get more reviews?

    Good luck,
  • mangaroomangaroo Member Posts: 419
    I agree about the four in one and the free for a day or so (after the update). Also instead of a level select menu no one cares lol sorry put another action screenshot or interesting level setup/playthrough capture like you've done in the four in one. set it to animate the blocks every 3-7 seconds a few wriggle their face or move their eyes sort of thing making sure it doesnt happen for each at the same time. and capture the different facial expressions in a screenshot. perhaps give them big eyebrows or something. different coloured cubes would help, even if it is just a 6-8. A sparkle when it lands on another cube. Look up custom fonts for the game. Don't give up on it i think it can do better you clearly have worked hard on it and i think just some extra efforts on the artwork and it will do much better.

    perhaps create a new trailer showing the update and send it to a few review sites/forum posts

    Also your app description has room for improvement - the first line especially. Something like: ____ a challenging physics puzzler, certain to entertain all ages - can you handle the load?
    With the simplest touch controls, navigate your blocks through thought-provoking setups and obstacles, and most importantly, save those cubes!

    also a character that explains the level progress - all it takes is for one artwork piece of a professor cube or something saying how well you did after each level - and you can use it in the screenshots too as a sort of overlay on the screenshot like you've already done in the first one

    If you think you can afford the space, consider adding a border to the game and including the HUD elements onto that - you can perhaps commission an artist to do the border, maybe 3 different colour combinations for the 24 levels since there are 3 rows (it may distract from the backgrounds - which do help perhaps have some moving scrolling background elements moving to a tempo you feel the game plays at, possibly moving faster as you get more blocks! (if you decide to go a bit further with the commissioned artwork)

    i notice your first post was a while ago (and also agree about the icon replacement), i wish you luck!
  • gazjmgazjm Member Posts: 578
    I'm in the process of trying to improve sales of one of my existing games. it averages 3.5 - 4 stars on USA app store and gets 4-5 star reviews but doesn't get enough exposure. Im hoping it can improve, like yourself! I've just remade it in corona ( yea, I ain't afraid of using the c word) with gamecenter. it will be a good test for all the people who say gamecenter will save there games! first impressions don't look good! I wouldnt recommend anyone rely on gamecenter to make their game a hit.
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