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The "after GameSalad" simply explained ?

philcrifophilcrifo Member Posts: 13
Hello everyboy,

I am new on GameSalad and i'm already in love with the possibilities it offers. While all the tutorials for GameSalad itself are really clear and usefull, chat comes after seems to be a little bit more blury.

I read all the tutorials about publishing etc, but i still have a few questions.

- How much (and what) does a developper have to pay (total) to submit an App on the App Store?
I heard 99$ somewhere, 200$ somewhere else ? ...
- Is it possible to try your app on your iPhone/iPod/iPad (not on your Mac) using only GameSalad and without being involved with Apple (yet) ?

Clear answers to these questions would already be great.

Thanks in advance.



  • RedlerTechRedlerTech Member Posts: 1,583
    yes. download xcode 4 from the mac app store & it'll work its $5 though
  • philcrifophilcrifo Member Posts: 13
    Do i need to be part of the Apple Developper Program to submit an app to the App Store?

    If yes, then it would be smarter to go directly that way since XCode is also available for ADP members.

    If i'm right, how much is it to become a member ?
  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Member Posts: 6,256
    its 99 dollars a year for a apple dev account

    and no buying xcode from the mac appstore will NOT let you put on your device and test without a apple dev account

    you need to pay the 99 dollars to test and/or upload to appstore

  • philcrifophilcrifo Member Posts: 13
    ok so 99$ is the total price you have to pay to try your app with GameSalad Viewer (right?) and to submit it to the App Store?
  • philcrifophilcrifo Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for the answers :)
  • philcrifophilcrifo Member Posts: 13
    One thing i don't understand, i was able to get SDK and XCode for FREE with my developer membership (i didn't subscribe to a program so i didn't pay the 99$ yet) so why is it worth 5$ on the Mac App Store ? O_o
  • jonmulcahyjonmulcahy Member, Sous Chef, PRO Posts: 10,385
    it only costs $5 for people who don't have the $99 membership, or people who were already registered.
  • philcrifophilcrifo Member Posts: 13
    I still don't get it (sorry, i'm french).

    I didn't pay 5$ on the Mac App Store and i didn't pay 99$ for the Developer Program Membership either;

    Still i got XCode and the iOs SDK legally and for FREE on the Apple Developer website. O_o

    EDIT: Ok i get it ! But then what is the point of buying it if you can get it for free by registering for a (free) Dev account? (i must be missing something...)

    EDIT 2: Ok so if i got it right, XCode was free until XCode 4 (5$) but you can still get it for free if you were registered as a Dev' before it came out ?

    (My primary questions are answered, this is just for curiosity)
  • ValanValan Member Posts: 405
    I think it is $5 to allow people to play with it first before paying $99 membership.

    The device ecosystem for iOS, Android, WebOS and Playbook is very important. The more people developing apps for the respective iOS the better. Also time spent on iOS means time away from the others!
  • philcrifophilcrifo Member Posts: 13
    JohnPapiomitis said:
    and no buying xcode from the mac appstore will NOT let you put on your device and test without a apple dev account

    Valan said:
    I think it is $5 to allow people to play with it first before paying $99 membership.

    Well who's right ? :)
  • DizkoDizko Member Posts: 498
    Here is the deal.

    You need the Apple developer account for a couple reasons.

    You need the SDK, you can only get that for being a iOS developer which costs $99 a year.

    You need to set up developer provisions to install on your device, in order to install the GS viewer on your phone. This requires you to have the iOS developer account, which is what your $99 gets you.

    Once you pay that $99 for the year, you don't have to pay it again no matter how many apps you make.

    Apple will take 30% of the profits your apps make.

    With your $99 developer account, you'll also be able to make an ad hoc build of your game to test on your device. This would be the same exact thing you would submit to the apps store, but without actually sending it to the app store.

    Does that help?
  • JohnPapiomitisJohnPapiomitis Member Posts: 6,256
    philcrifo said:
    Well who's right ? :)

    We both are. He means u can buy Xcode for 5 to test out Xcode. Like actually coding It in. All we use Xcode for is testing and publishing which require you have acces to a proviosonig portal which u can only get too with a paid dev account

    Again u need the paid developer program to test and upload to the AppStore, there's no other way around it..
  • philcrifophilcrifo Member Posts: 13
    Dizko > I think you are confusing the Apple Developper Account (which is free) and the Developper Program Membership (which is 99$). Because i only have a Dev' account, i never paid anything and still i was able to download XCode and the iOs SDK for free from the Apple Developer page. :)
  • philcrifophilcrifo Member Posts: 13
    Ok so actually, you HAVE TO be part of a Dev' Program (99$) to be able to download XCode 4.

    "You must be an iOS or Mac Developer Program member to download Xcode 4 or you can purchase Xcode 4 from the Mac App Store."

    But you can download XCode 3 for free.

    "If you are not a paid member of either the Mac or iOS Developer Program, you may purchase Xcode 4 from the Mac App Store for $4.99. If you are registered as an Apple Developer, you can download Xcode 3 for free at"
  • okimokiokimoki Member Posts: 159
    philcrifo: you need both, Developer Program Membership (99usd) and to get that you need Apple Developer Account, if you want to test on iOS devices (AdHoc) or if you want to sell your apps on Appstore.. so yes, you need to pay 99 for the memebership if you want to get stuff from GS to any iOS device (iphone, ipad..)..
  • DZTECHDZTECH Member, PRO Posts: 216
    The difference is if you are not paid developer you can only get xcode so if you want 4 you have to pay but if you are a member you can get xcode4 for free through the site
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