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How long does apple take to review an update of a game?

liamnelsonliamnelson Posts: 26Member

I was just wondering if apple takes the same time as approving a new app (7-10 days) to review the update of the game or when its an update it takes less time..



  • PhoticsPhotics Posts: 4,172Member
    There's a page that shows the status in the iPhone Developer Center.
  • liamnelsonliamnelson Posts: 26Member
    thx for your reply.. but I know you can check the status in the manage your apps section of itunes connect.. and its in wating for review.. my question is does it takes 7 days like a new app to get reviewed or does it takes less time
  • FINNBOGGFINNBOGG Posts: 1,810Member
    I simply changed the price of one of my apps and it took 36 hrs before i saw it back up in the store
  • ScootsScoots Posts: 507Member
    my update took a week to go into review then a week to be approved and it was a minor bug fix. So in my experience it was the same as submitting a new app.
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Posts: 9,934Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef
    Jeffnichols said:
    I simply changed the price of one of my apps and it took 36 hrs before i saw it back up in the store

    You must have changed an available date or something cause price changes happen almost instantly.

    As far as updates they seem to be different than new submissions I normally go into review after a couple days but then am in review much longer than the original.

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  • MagoNicolasMagoNicolas Posts: 2,090Member, PRO
    My last app wen to in Review in 20 min! ANd it has happen to actually to my last 3 apps (Between 30 min and 4 hours)
    But Approval is like 6- 8 days.


  • MarkOnTheIronMarkOnTheIron Posts: 1,447Member
    There was a similar discussion here:

    Approval times for updates are on average faster than app approval. Usually the "Waiting for Review" time is about the same, but the "In Review" can take up to a few minutes if it's not a major update.

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  • RUPASRUPAS Posts: 823Member
    hey guys, my application has passed all the steps in a total of 9 days, from waiting for uploaded until ready for sale, 9 days. lucky!!
  • JolandaJolanda Posts: 82Member

    I have several games, English and dutch, but every game i published has a total of 7 or 8 days, from upload binairy to ready for sale in the app store.

    And from "in review to ready for sale" is different.
    Sometimes it takes 6 days, other times it takes 20 minutes to 2,5 hours before the approval to itunes.
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