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I just purchased a membership and I am having some problems being able to test my game on my iPhone. I read through the instructions for setting up the xcode GS viewer, but cant seem to figure number 7 out it reads

Beneath the blue “GameSalad Viewer” file icon in Groups & Files, you'll find a folder named “Resources”. Select it and in the file list on the right panel, look for a file called “info.plist”. Select it and you'll see a list of parameters in the lower right panel. Find the parameter called “Bundle Identifier” and replace the contents with the Bundle ID used for your Development Profile.

I follow these instructions except I do not know what the bundle ID for my development profile is.

any help would be awesome. hoping to have the ability to test on my phone by the end of the night.


  • ktfrightktfright Member Posts: 964
    go to the iphone dev center page, and you have to make an app id for the viewer.
  • Player_EPlayer_E Member, PRO Posts: 604
    I guess i'm just completely lost on this. I cant seem to figure out how to test my game on my iPhone for the life of me. a simple walkthrough from scratch would be best I guess.

    Any help at all would be great. This is starting to frustrate me lol.
  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Member Posts: 5,390
    I had that problem which frustrated the hell out of me. As far as i can remember you create an app id on the apple dev center, call it something like gamesaladviewer, download the file. Next you open the gamesalad viewer xcode project, change the settings as on the wiki and then hit build and go with the iphone connected. i had an error about it not being able to build, thats where i needed to edit the info.plist. You need to open that plist file and on there it says the name of the bundle identifier, you just need to then rename that to the app id you created and downloaded, i.e. gamesaladviewer. Then open up the gamesalad xcode project and with the setings changed as on the wiki, hit build and go and it will then install the gamesalad viewer on your iphone. Then to preview your gamesalad game you launch the program, open the viewer on your iphone and then a button magically pops up in gamesalad next to the big preview button and says preview on iphone. Hope that helps
  • Player_EPlayer_E Member, PRO Posts: 604
    Okay I think I understand what your saying Beefy, but create an apple id? your talking about the whole deal about paying $99 for the whole dev center and all that stuff right.

    If so I have already done that. and I believe I am on the right track. I even went through the apple Developer center and registered my phone as a device and put it my 40 character udid.

    I believe the problem I am having is at the point where I replace the Bundle identifier. Its not to clear to me on what to put there. what I tried was my person ID that I found under manage profile in the apple developer center, but that did not work.

    If you can guide to as to what I need to replace the bundle Identifier with I should be able to get it working.

  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Member Posts: 5,390
    right login to the iphone developer program, on the left menu select new app id and name it something like gamesaladviewer, then go to provisioning from the left menu and create a new development profile and select the app id you used i.e. gamesaladviewer. You have to download this profile and drag into your itunes. Then you edit the bundle identifier and change it to what you have used in your app id and development provisioning profile. Therefore it'll be something like (the .coms are advised by apple when creating the development profile, you'll see what i mean when doing it).
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