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game size limits...

harrioharrio Posts: 234Member
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
hello all,

i don't know if it has been explained with any detail, but i have read a few threads about the 10mb size limit on games. i found this bit of info from garagegames-torque game builder site. you may find it interesting...

iTGB 1.2 support for MP3 has proven extremely valuable. It allows chess (and Mini Shogi v1.1) to have a lengthy, quality song loop while keeping the game file size under 10MB.... this is critical, since any games over 10MB must be downloaded over Wifi instead of 3G. All iPhone users I know have stated that games over 10MB are "annoying" and likely not to be downloaded!

it would appear that the 'chefs' are looking out for our best interest. but it is probably better to see a real world explanation that hinges on usage.

here's the link for anyone interested in the whole article.

hope this allays the confusion and discomfort i've seen over the size limit 'thing'. obviously, you can make your game as big as you like. at the risk of sales. since none of us here are big time game developers with well known brand names...yet.


  • JGary321JGary321 Posts: 1,246Member
    Very well put. I know I don't DL games over 10mb, b/c typically I'm not at home when I want to DL a new game =)
  • KamazarKamazar Posts: 287Member
    It kinda gets on my nerves when people complains about the size. Most of us are putting in a lot of work into a game and will no doubt end up selling them between 1$-5$. The more content and polish we put into it, the higher the bit count is gonna go up. And they're angry about it?! $#%!
  • danreldanrel Posts: 28Member
    I've got to agree with Kamazar to an extent. The more content you have, the larger the file size. People tend to complain if there's not enough game content, then at the same time complain about the inability to DL a game over 10MB on 3G. Maybe time your DL's better? Just a suggestion...

    BTW - 75% of my favorite iPhone/iPod Touch games are well over 10MB, especially after a few good content updates.
  • harrioharrio Posts: 234Member
    what's cookin,

    i agree with you both kamazar and danrel, in principle. unfortunately, people in general are not usually followers of principle. they are followers of self. if apple comes out with a new iphone with better hardware, those who bought the preceding one will no doubt complain in droves as though they were being punished. point being, you can't please everyone. you need look no further than our own super cool forum here. as polite as most of us are here, our chefs still suffer a few slings and arrows for their efforts. that's why i put out this info to let people who may have been unaware, know that the chefs did not just pull a number out of a chef's hat for game file size. there was a purpose behind it.

    danrel: are the games you have, over 10mb, by indies or established companies? i'm curious to know the demographic.

    kamazar: all i can say is 'please yourself' and to the rest be damned. that way you will always be satisfied with your effort. besides, the only opinion that matters in business is that of the paying customer, not the winy wanks.

    personnally, i plan to kick out a bunch of 'clones' and other small game experiments to get a handle on the system and to get a sense of completion before i start building 'the' game.

    good luck to all of you and to our head chefs. their success is our success.

    i suppose this is the one exception that disproves the rule...too many chef's in the kitchen actually improves the stew!
  • danreldanrel Posts: 28Member

    "danrel: are the games you have, over 10mb, by indies or established companies? I'm curious to know the demographic."

    --- Whoa! I just checked that size of some of my favorite games and man I must say, I was mistaken. Way off on what I thought the sizes were... For instance, I could have sworn that 'Sway' was well over 10MB... Nope, just checked and it tops out at 9.2MB! And that's after a couple content updated! Snakegalaxy is over 20MB, but that seems to be the exception. Geo Defense is 2.7MB!! :0

    I always DL off of wifi so I guess I don't pay attention to the sizes as much as I thought I had.

    ... I'll take that 5-course dinner of my own words now please :)

    Yeah sorry guys, I guess 10MB should be perfect for Game Salad as it stands now. Maybe in the future when Game Salad gets more mature with more features and exposure...

    Great job so far though Gendai! Thank you guys for being so proactive in these forums.

    In the future I'll refrain from posting after having a few drinks ;)
  • JGary321JGary321 Posts: 1,246Member
    Perfect example here, I downloaded Zenonia the other day. Which is a pretty decent action RPG that weighed in at a whopping 9.2 mb. I was shocked, I thought for sure it would be much larger, but it wasn't & it ran very well. Look it up sometime & see the quality of this less than 10mb game =)

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