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Bounty Hunter 1.3 now released!

gazjmgazjm Posts: 578Member
edited November -1 in Non-GS Game News
Hi guys,

I've been around the forums and using gamesalad for over a year now, but to expand my tool set I decided to learn Corona and port one of my games to it that I thought would benefit from online leaderboards. Im only posting this here because it was originally a gamesalad game, and I still use gamesalad. (plus its under non GS game news)

Im sure a few of you already have the previous version but it anybody would like a promo code for 1.3 then let me know here!

It has a few extra features added such as retry option, new score system etc.




  • Rob2Rob2 Posts: 2,402Member
    If you could PM a code that would be great :)

    edit: never mind..I've got it, keen to see the universal corona magic :)
  • gazjmgazjm Posts: 578Member

    let me know how it is on the iPad, I couldn't actually test it on a device, so could be interesting!
  • Rob2Rob2 Posts: 2,402Member
    All plays great on the ipad, very smooth. Major plus would be if you could slide your touches rather than having to lift finger and retouch.
  • gazjmgazjm Posts: 578Member
    Thats good to know! I'm hoping it picks up a few iPad sales!

    Thats something I am working on for the next update, going to throw gamecenter and achievements in there as well!

    I really need to get an iPad, might see if any old models are going cheaper on ebay! :)
  • gazjmgazjm Posts: 578Member
    just a quick update to say 1.4 is now available, and includes gamecenter. I think this will be a good example of how game enter will effect out existing games. I will keep you updated with any sales increases.

    anybody wants a promo then let me know.

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