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Simple video tutorials if anyone is in need...

danreldanrel Posts: 28Member
Hi guys(and gals),

I just wanted to let everyone know that if you are stuck trying to achieve a certain look in Illustrator or Photoshop that I'd be more than willing to give free(simple) video tutorials to anyone in need.

If you have a request please just reply back to this thread with a detailed description of what effect or 'look' you're trying to achieve and I'll do my best to assist in video form.

I'll post the videos on YouTube and provide a direct link(if that's ok with the GS admins, of course).

***Please keep in mind that these videos do take a while to create so please be patient.


- danrel


  • danreldanrel Posts: 28Member
    Also, If anyone has a general graphics question please feel free to post on this thread as well. I'll do my best to help :)

    - danrel
  • disanatordisanator Posts: 2Member
    is it possible to put in animations in gamesalad as character movement and other things??
  • ktfrightktfright Posts: 964Member
    Do you know how to achieve that "8-bit" look, similar to canabalt?

    And also, when drawing and doing doodle-like images, how can I redraw some of the lines in Photoshop to make them stand out a bit more?
  • disanatordisanator Posts: 2Member
    i use pixen and i can make animation, and also pictures so i dont know if i can use my animation function to make a motion or i need to make many pictures
  • butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,315Member, PRO
    Yea Pixen is more for sprite images like the old school look whereas illustrator or other vector programs are more for vector images which you commonly see in the app store

    I personally love old school sprites and it takes a special artist to make sprites look really good!
  • JaxterJaxter Posts: 398Member, PRO
  • eboyeboy Posts: 239Member
    How about some coool GS tip and tricks videos.
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