Level Unlock Issue

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So I have been trying to get a level unlock function working. And if I assume correctly I should be able to unlock a level, quite out of the app on my iPod Touch, relaunch it and the level still be unlocked.

I have done this however it is not working. Any help much appreciated as always, thanks.

I have a Level1Complete game attribute.

When you complete level one (collide with the exit actor) it saves the game with a save behaviour:
Attribute: Level1Complete.game
Keyword: Level1Complete

Then when the game first loads up (so on my splash screen, which is its own scene) on the image (which is just my company logo) I have a load behaviour:
Keyword: Level1Complete
Attribute: Level1Complete.game

The attribute Level1Complete.game is always false until you hot the exit (end of level 1) and it turns true and you can only goto level 2 if it is true. What I am trying to do it save it as true once you have completed level 1. Not sure why it doesn't work.


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