Condition Applied when Collide, How?

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Right now Im trying to run a condition that when Object.A collides with Object.B I can Change.Atrribute.A("1"); But cant figure out how to, is there a way to?


  • EhPICEhPIC Member Posts: 4
    Ok figured that out, is there anyway to make it so that when Object.A Collides with Object.B, Object.C is destroyed, instead of Object.A?
  • beaudoin_nbeaudoin_n Member Posts: 184

    I am new but i would try and set an attribute to x
    then when a and b collide change the attribute to y

    then set a rule for object c that destroys it when the attribute is y

    but not sure this will help in the long run
  • EhPICEhPIC Member Posts: 4
    Thanks, Your solution did exactly what I I asked for too bad, the result didn't work the way I was hoping haha, back to the drawing board.
  • EhPICEhPIC Member Posts: 4
    This is the project I'm working on:

    I'm trying to figure out a way to get the flame on the ship (Its a 1pixel actor with Partical effects)

    To stop its movement when the Ship Actor collides.

    Currently both are controlled by UP/Down
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