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Music and Pause programing needed

cnmeyer1980cnmeyer1980 Posts: 211Member, PRO
Hi guys,

I've created a little game - I've nearly completed it, but need someone a little more skilled with GameSalad to program 2 little things for me. I reckon they are easy for someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

Basically, I need the following programmed.

1: When you pause the game it currently pauses the actors (which is correct) - however, I need it so it pauses the background loop and also the audio.

2: You can turn the music on and off on the main menu simply by tapping the screen, this works, but what I would really like regarding the audio is the following:

When you've finished the game and it goes back to the main menu, if you've turned the music off, that the music stays off (currently, if you turn the music off on the main menu, play a game, and then go back to the main menu, the audio starts again??)

If possibly (and only if its not hard to do) - I would love it if the Music/Audio button reflects whether the audio if off, or on (I have two separate graphics for this if needed).

I only have a $20 budget for this unfortunately, but if anyone out there could help we with the above, I would be very grateful.

Many thanks guys,



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