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How To create a "MOLE" Game ? Thankss

venon_itvenon_it Posts: 594Member, PRO
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
What do the most good for a game, example: mole?
I want every hole, leaving different moles


  • venon_itvenon_it Posts: 594Member, PRO
    i have 6 HOLE, and insert one spawn with in random every 2 sec generate random(1,6)
    in every Mole insert Rule: when attribute:random = 1 Timer: for 0.5 change image and the actor touch it change image and change attribute score -10 , and insert another timer: after:0.5 change image ( the mole enters the hole )

    but when i touch a mole it sometimes leverage points and at times no! and overlap the moles!
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