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Categories in the App store

butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,315Member, PRO
Does having your game listed in more than 2 categories help with sales?

I decided to add 2 categories to a couple of my games in the kids and family section since I've had people tell me they would be well marketed there.

Has anyone not had categories listed for their game, then suddenly changed it and it boosted sales?


  • incitenetincitenet Posts: 4Member
    I've yet to launch something to the app store but I would think it would give you that much extra exposure so I wouldn't see why not. Does it cost anything to list in multiple areas?
  • butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,315Member, PRO
    No I don't believe it costs anything to list in multiple areas, if you go into itunes connect, it gives you the option to have a main category with 2 subcategories ie: Games, action, adventure, and then a second main category with 2 subcategories: I added Games: Kids, and family

    I'll let you know if it makes a difference in sales!
  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Posts: 5,390Member
    i would of thought potentially it could boost your sales! If for example you list your app under entertainment and lifestyle then if people are searching those catergories under release date your effectively doubling your chances that it maybe looked at
  • WeswogWeswog Posts: 1,171Member
    I tried with entertainment first and now I just changed to extra game subcategories instead so this will be an experiment for me too.

    Cheers, Weswog
  • WeswogWeswog Posts: 1,171Member
    For a few days I tried this way with to game categories and for some reason it really didn't boost any sales so I will see again if entertainment would be better.

    Cheers, Weswog
  • butterbeanbutterbean Posts: 4,315Member, PRO
    Hard to say too, I noticed that one of my games in the "Action" category was dropped off, so I tried family and kids, and it was boosted up in those categories, but sales really haven't changed much.

    I think you have to seize the moment with choosing categories, and it can make or break marketing your game, I find that the action and adventure categories are flooded with titles and it's harder to get noticed... but I could be wrong.
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