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Just another suggestion I thought of when going through 54 scenes to add a single actor, could there be an option, maybe if you input a position on the prototype, that automatically places in actor in all scenes? Or maybe a dialog box that allows you to select the scenes to apply it to?

I don't know what it would take, but it would make life easier when retroactively adding stuff :)


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    It would be especially nice for adding HUD items, as you want them to stay the same from scene to scene.
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    I've thought about this too, actually I'd like to see a "paste in place" option. I've got a button on a number of scenes I want to change and that would be REAL handy.

    I'd also like to see guides and grids options.
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    Yes, a "pase in place" option would really save a lot of time.
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    And Closed…. Please do not bump year old threads.
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    Hi tenrdrmer, I've reopened this thread, hope you don't mind - there's an answer for iKandy (I'm sure all the other guys a year ago know the answer by now):

    For stuff like HUD actors, and any other actors for that matter, that need to appear on every scene: place all the repeatable stuff in your first scene, then on the Home window in GS, drag the scene over holding down alt key (i.e alt-drag) to copy the scene. This can obviously be repeated as many times as is needed.

    I'll leave you to close this thread again if you like, tenrdrmer! :-)


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