"Commenting out" behaviors

micahmicah Member Posts: 85
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It would be cool if you could mark a block in the activity editor as not runnable. I've been finding myself trying to get my actor to work a specific way so I try something, find out that it isn't work so I delete it and try something else. It would be helpful if you could keep all my work but just comment it out when trying different things instead, so if I decide that the first way is better after all I don't have to redo all that work.


  • beaudoin_nbeaudoin_n Member Posts: 184
    Great idea !
    Also tracing would be a nice feature.
  • ORBZORBZ Member Posts: 1,303
    I agree 100% Blocks need a "disabled" checkbox on them.

    What i do right now to work around this problem is create a rule around the block I want to disable that says game.Time < 0 and then I can just toggle the < to > when I want to enable it.
  • veggie_89veggie_89 Member Posts: 1
    "Disabled" check-box on behaviors should definitely be top priority for GS Devs. It should be very easy to implement and would be such a huge improvement to the GameSalad interface!
  • hackmodfordhackmodford Member Posts: 48
    +1 For this idea
  • DizkoDizko Member Posts: 498
    Definitely agree with this, it would improve the speed and ease of work flow and prototyping.
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