Detecting what actors are at what coordinates

micahmicah Member Posts: 85
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Is this possible? Like in a sidescroller, when the player presses up, how can you detect if there's a ladder actor on the layer beneath the player actor? Or if a bad guy actor walks into a wall, how do you know which wall it hit, so you know which direction it needs to turn?


  • EastboundEastbound Member, BASIC Posts: 1,074
    Well for the ladder, you could just check if there was a collision with the player.

    As for the second, you can't check that, because actors unfortunately can't access other actors.
  • JGary321JGary321 Member Posts: 1,246
    To make the actor turn in a specific direction when hitting a wall you would just place invisible actors around the map. To make it easy call them move left, move right etc... Place those around the map where u need it.
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